Silver winner of the 2021 Student District American Advertising Award for AFF district 3, which includes North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia

Serious Play

In collaboration with James Glymph, Sarah Pepper, and Miranda Mace

Book Design / Product Design
Project Premise
To create a magazine centered around Mid-Century Modern design.

Serious Play is designed to be a subscription box for children between the 1st and 5th grade that teaches them about art and design while having fun activities inside. Included in the box is a magazine, which features 108 pages of fun and informative content for young designers.

The entire Magazine for Serious Play can be foundhere
My Contributions
For broad contributions: Serious Play was an extremely collaborative project. All members played a very key role in coming up with the concept, content, cover, photography, layouts, and overall design of the entirety of Serious Play. As for designated page specifics, I created pages 42-51, 72-79, 86-87, 104-105, as well as all the project pages, the layouts for all introduction pages, and the head of typesetting. I also was in charge of creating the mockup banner advertisement for the ad campaign.

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